plant trait & agronomic open data e-infrastructure, data visualisation & decision aid

Led by Panagiotis Zervas (Agroknow, Greece) and Inger Bertelsen (L&F SEGES, Denmark) the project will capture plant trait and agronomic data for plant teams in an open data e-infrastructure as the basis for developing a web-based and mobile-phone friendly decision aid for practitioners to select suitable plant teams in different regions and farm types.


5.1 To define the characteristics (data types, formats, sources, relevant standards and specifications) of the research data that will be produced by the project as well as from external stakeholders and produce a data interoperability framework for developing the project data e-infrastructure;

5.2 To develop an interoperable data publication e-infrastructure for publishing in machine readable formats the plant trait and agronomic data produced;

5.3 To summarise, analyse and visualise the data generated in the project by i) designing, developing and testing a web-based mobile phone-friendly decision aid to facilitate informed decisions by agricultural practitioners on selection and agronomy of optimal plant teams in different cropping systems and pedo-climatic conditions of Europe and (ii) analysing the data produced using meta-analytic tools.

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under agreement No. 727284.