Innovative ideas for environmental sustainability

New innovative ideas for environmental sustainability are emerging more and more; a factor that is necessary to be able to continue enjoying a healthy and less polluted environment; discovers that it has occurred to many creative people that with their contribution they wish that human development does not influence the quality of life on the planet.

Innovative ideas for environmental sustainability

There are ecological projects that are emerging as innovative as well as different ideas or solutions to the problem of environmental sustainability; because it is clear to everyone that initiatives are needed that respect nature, habitats and the planet in general while remaining useful to society.

These initiatives focus on ideas to promote water saving, waste reuse, sustainable construction, eco-innovation or safeguarding food production, among other proposals. Which we show you below.

  • Environmental and ecological projects, such as those implemented by Sustainia, a platform that analyzes sustainable solutions and opportunities within the market. Its objective is that entrepreneurs and investors get in touch to manage sustainable and economically productive ideas.
  • Ecological modular housing projects, such as those carried out by Archiblox, for the creation of prefabricated houses that generate the energy they consume through solar panels, with white water reuse systems.
  • Food projects, with which vegetables are grown vertically, whose water supply is carried out through a closed hydraulic system, which reduces its consumption by 25%. This innovative idea is called Sky Greens.
  • Eco fashion projects, which allow the use of yarn from fishing nets in the manufacture of garments, the use of second-hand garments or dyed fabrics for the creation of other styles of clothing.
  • Green transportation projects, such as the Web Spinlister; where private users rent their vacant seats when moving around the city to those who need to follow the same route or lend a bike to avoid fuel consumption.
  • Technological projects, with innovative ideas for environmental sustainability through water-saving sensors or 3D printers that reduce the time needed to create an object; There is also the mapping of the solar potential of a city created by MIT.
  • Health projects, such as the Solar Ear, digital hearing aids that are recharged using solar energy.

If you are interested in knowing about the current situation of agriculture, new alternatives to take care of the planet and make this a more profitable activity, we invite you to read other articles on our blog.

Added to these ideas are innovative creations such as roofs and vertical gardens, not only to grow food but as a measure to green the environment and reduce pollution.

There are also the practical Drones with which different types of tasks can be carried out, both to clean air pollution, to provide images of facilities or agricultural land from a distance, avoiding having to use a vehicle to move to the place and more.

In fact, it has been known that Japanese researchers are currently developing Drones, which end the problem of pollination due to the decline of wild bees.

Another innovative initiative is represented by the “Smog free Project” whose objective is to purify the air of cities, absorbing polluting agents suspended in the air from the environment.

In turn, through the development of home automation and smart home control, it is possible to efficiently control and manage the use of energy; programming the lighting, air conditioning and other usual amenities within the home.

As is well known, the loss of biodiversity and the problems that are currently being experienced in relation to climate change, directly associated with indiscriminate logging and illegal deforestation.

To stop this, Topher Whiter has developed a wonderful idea, based on the use of discarded mobile phones, which are recycled to detect the acoustic signals of chainsaws in real time and send an alert signal to the competent authorities.

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