The DIVERSIFY project

Did you know that the DIVERSIFY project is focused on optimizing crop species mixtures as well as plant equipment to promote higher yields, while reducing the incidence of diseases in them as well as the attack of different types of pests ; Find out everything you need to know about him.

What is the DIVERSIFY project?

It is an innovative idea created with the purpose of increasing the resistance of crops under the financing of the European Commission with the participation of representatives of 12 European countries.

It is based on the development of scientific methods with which the cultivation and production of fish that are of commercial interest are optimized; focusing in turn on promoting the sustainability of agriculture in this continent, something that is reaching relevance worldwide.

Importance of this project

Currently, the demand for fish in Europe has mostly been covered with aquaculture and imported fishery products, in addition to what is supplied by some European fishing grounds that have been over-exploited.

But overcoming some of the barriers you face today could ensure a healthy and sustainable source of aquatic products; precisely the objective of the DIVERSIFY project; which highlighted in a timely manner, is focused on the following aspects:

  • Ensure successful crops through selected species, with greater potential for industrial expansion; through new scientific and methodological techniques.
  • Identify the key points to insert these new prototypes in the food market, so that the aquaculture sector positions itself in the first places.

How is the DIVERSIFY project developed?

For the implementation of this innovative project, extensive research is carried out within different scientific disciplines such as: larval culture, reproduction and genetics, nutrition, fattening and animal health.

This is done along with the study of all socio-economic aspects that influence the market such as consumer acceptance of aquaculture products, how much they know about them, level of demand or preferences through which other products can be developed. with more added value.

In other words, the development of this project is characterized by a research phase, through which its viability is established, communication channels are created to provide its knowledge at an industrial level and competitive positioning within the world market.

This is aimed at all those scientists and researchers with an interest in improving the way in which aquaculture is carried out and the food sources associated with this activity in the world; but also to all those entrepreneurs in charge of food processing industries, commercial sectors, regulatory bodies and consumers.

Following this order of ideas, different annual dissemination presentations are planned, as well as exhibitions, fairs and even workshops, to inform all interested parties, such as the products obtained under the systems implemented with the DIVERSIFY project.

Participants in its outreach programs include approximately 20 research institutions, companies from small to large, and professional associations.
Representatives from the following countries have joined DIVERSIFY: Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, United Kingdom, Hungary and Germany, plus two associated member states such as Norway and Israel.

The estimated time to evaluate the results of this project as well as its development is five years and its evolution can be followed through its official platform within the web.

There, among other things, you will find news, articles related to the subject of aquaculture, interviews with experts and scientists, audiovisual material and podcasts, among some other content.

Without a doubt, the DIVERSIFY project, more than ambitious, represents an interesting alternative to cover the internal demand for fishery products and guarantee that its products are healthy and sustainable over the years.

If you are interested in knowing about the current situation of agriculture, new alternatives to take care of the planet and make this a more profitable activity, we invite you to read other articles on our blog.

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