in-field validation & demonstration of plant teams

Led by David George (STC, UK) and Diego Rubiales (CSIC, Spain) the project will conduct participatory research and demonstration to field test the performance and environmental benefits of innovative plant teams, and their associated management, including farm machinery adaptations across farms and experimental field sites in different crop systems and environments.


4.1 Establish a participatory farmer network for field validation in consultation;

4.2 Develop standardised methods for high-end and commercial data collection for optimal feedback of data into modelling and decision aid development;

4.3 Facilitate and co-ordinate field demonstration of plant teams at commercially relevant scales from sites engaged with the project;

4.4 Evaluate plant teams identified as potentially beneficial under field conditions across a range of pedo-climatic conditions and farming systems, under two primary formats: (i) Controlled field validation to provide high-end data collection (at research partner farms) on agronomic productivity and environmental performance (ii) Co-ordinated on-farm field validation to provide commercial data collection (at commercial farms);

4.5 Review and identify adaptions or repurposing needed to existing machinery and equipment at farm level for efficient sowing, management, harvesting and processing of plant teams.

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under agreement No. 727284.